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These photos are from July 2002.  After such a long time in Asia, Neil made his first trip to China.  These are typical tourist photos of places he went first - Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Great Wall and a few in Shanghai. 

Click on an image to see a larger picture

Beijing - view from the IBM office.  A normal modern city skyline, but note that these photos required significant touching to get them this clear; in reality the smog or haze was so thick that on some days visibility was as low as a hundred meters; on one day I couldn't see the top of the building next to the IBM office - even though I was on the 21st floor.

View from the IBM office building ...

... same ...

Workers stadium - for football matches - is right downtown

Beijing - view from Neil's hotel window.  These were taken on a clearer day. 

You can put these ...

... photos together to ...

... make a panorama

Forbidden City.  These photos were taken on a weekend; it was hot and the sky really was as clear & blue as these photos show (and sometimes washed out because it was so bright).

Explanation about the Forbidden City (note the sponsorship by American Express - bottom right corner)

Entrance gate to the Forbidden City

In China it's very hard to get a photo without lots of people in it

... especially on a bright, summer's day ...

... there are tourists everywhere.

Rear view of Tiananmen Gate

On the other side of the Forbidden City is Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Gate

Cannons & shop in rear plaza

Detail of the building

Chinese flag with Mao's mausoleum behind

National Museum of China

The Great Hall of the People

Arial Panorama  - caution - big file - 338K

A first trip to China isn't complete without visiting the Great Wall

Mao said you are not complete until you have scaled the Great Wall

Doesn't look too tough

But it's steeper than it looks

This is as far as I climbed on one side

Watch towers on the wall ...

... provide good photo opportunities

Then I went on the other side ...

Did I mention it is steep

As in - very - steep!

I walked all around this trail & back again

And found this in the little temple on the left

I went to Shanghai for a few days

My hotel boasted a big garden - a luxury in Shanghai

This is a private garden in an old part of the city

In China they talk about "simplified" vs. traditional characters


Click on the picture above & you'll see some characters have been "pasted over".  The old ones are the traditional chars & the new ones are simplified