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These photos are from the first part of 2004.  The highlight of this period was a family holiday in Hawaii, where we met Neil's mother & sister at Easter.  It was great to have a mini-family reunion and we have some nice photos to show for it.  The whole experience was better for us in shopping than sightseeing ... honestly, it is hard to go from one tropical paradise to another and be impressed.  We thought our beaches & water activities in Thailand are equal to or better than those in Hawaii.  But the shopping was great!  (We found Wal*Mart in Honolulu and a place called Pearl Ridge Mall which had Circuit City and Toys 'R' Us as satellite shops.  We definitely enjoyed ourselves!)

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The main purpose of going to Hawaii was for a mini family reunion.  We went to a photo studio called Fantastic Shots to record the event (that's how we found Pearl Ridge Mall); the photographer was great & we had two excellent photos printed within the hour; it was a blessing to find this studio.

Marmie, Sky, Christian & the Gambles

Same group, different pose

We took this photo of Marmie, Neil & Roger ourselves

We had a great view from our balcony window

Diamond Head - the view from our window

Chronologically, the first thing we did was to head out to ChuckeCheeses

Rex with ChuckeCheese

Roger & Rex in competition

Intentionally blank 

We went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.  This expedition was organized by Christian and we all enjoyed our time exploring the reef in the bay.  You don't see Christian in the photos because he was kind enough to take them for us.




Hanauma Bay

Roger & Rex after snorkeling

Usa after snorkeling

We visited Honolulu Zoo & Honolulu Aquarium, both walking distance from our accommodation.  The aquarium is celebrating its 100th anniversary - and it shows.  Both attractions have seen better days - fun for the boys but not much more.

Roger at the petting zoo

Roger & Rex at the petting zoo

This tree trunk was quite colorful - the photo does not do it justice for its green & brown colors

Usa at the zoo

Reef fish at the aquarium

jellyfish shown against a black light - this looked better live than in the photo

And some photos at the food court in Pearl Ridge Mall - with everyone having a good time ....

Roger & Rex sharing an Icee

Who said Roger Rabbit isn't real?  Roger shows off a new Bionicle toy

While Rex shows off a Megaman action figure

It's always fun to give Mama rabbit ears

... or lots of rabbit ears ...

Roger & Rex think that's really funny

And we stayed maybe 2 minutes walk was the famous Waikiki beach

A walled area for shelter on the beach

A view of the famous [pink] Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Cross street of Ohua Ave