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On the night of June 01 we had a disaster at home in Bangkok.  Roger & Rex were asleep "getting ready" for their last day of school before summer holidays.  Around midnight there was an electrical surge, causing a night  light in their bedroom to explode and apparently the spark from that went to the curtains causing a fire.  Thankfully Rex is a restless sleeper and woke from the smoke.  He woke Roger and they got out of the room, but the results below speak for the ferocity of the fire and damage done.

The most important thing is that no-one was hurt.  Rex is truly our hero for saving himself and Roger.  However, as you can see, the room and contents were destroyed.

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Photos from the fire

The fire crews came, but without equipment

Looking into the boys' bathroom

This used to be a lamp and stereo; the heat melted the stereo's exterior and components

Burnt bedroom walls & door

The mess around Rex's bed

Looking downstairs - damaged by water

This used to be a clothes closet

Extensive damage on the wall next to Rex's bed, near where the fire started

Until now this was a nice wall clock

Fire damage to the bedroom walls & ceiling

Another view of the same

The ceiling burnt through to the roofing in places

This used to be Roger's bed

Bedroom door shows the damage

Lower part of the same door

Plastic casing of the air conditioner in the family room buckled from the heat

View outside of the bedroom

The family room is a mess from smoke damage

The boys' bathroom

The offending electrical outlet

Sliding doors of the clothes closet on the day after

More burned doors outside on the day after

Windows were broken by the firemen to provide some ventilation for the smoke

Smoke damage in the family room

Rex's bed, the day after

Smoked walls and stripped ceiling in the guest bedroom

This is what the ceilings should look like

Our Balinese procession painting suffered serious smoke damage

Close up shows the difference between the original painting & the smoke damage

Our big Thai oil painting seemed to be less affected

Although the smoke got to it, too

Our arts & crafts may never be the same again

Blackened area on the outside of the bedroom

The day after - Usa swings into action; Roger & Rex are happy their Gameboys weren't damaged

The next bedroom suffered smoke damage


Not Used

What the room looked like when Neil visited in end-July ...

... with all of the stuff from upstairs moved downstairs ...

... it was really crowded & hard to move around the house

It wasn't until August that repairs started; it's amazing what difference cleaning and some paint makes ...

The bedroom that had the fire

Same bedroom looking outside

Looking from the hall into the bedroom

The family room looks much better - well, not the air conditioner

Ceilings starting to look like themselves again


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