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Sydney-Brisbane Trip


Last year we said that we had lots of sightseeing to do in Sydney.  Many of these are included in the 2008 photos, but some are special attractions and we decided to put them on a special page.  Below are photos from Koala Park,  Sydney Aquarium, the Sydney Wildlife Centre and the Powerhouse Museum which are all in Sydney; plus the Blue Mountains and Jenolan Caves which are a short drive away.

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Koala Park -- a bit of a drive from the city centre in the suburb of West Pennant Hills, is a place with lots of Australian wildlife; it isn't big but the exhibits are often very approachable.

Self titled photo

Not sure if this is Australian, but never mind

A rare white dingo

A wallaby

A peacock

But here are the stars of the park

the park feed the koalas so we can get up close

Rex with koala

Then we moved on to the kangaroos, which are in a petting zone ...

... and everyone got into the act

The emus are not in the petting area

And the fairy penguins are by themselves, too

cute little guys, huh?

and we caught them at feeding time

This talkative little cockatoo kept us amused for quite a while

Sydney Tower -- offers a great view of the city.

Sydney tower seen from street level

This is the view that greets you at the top of the tower

Harbour Bridge & looking north-west

The Royal Botanic Gardens are on the edge of the CBD

The harbour looking north-east

 ... same ...

the naval dockyards & Wolloomooloo

Hyde Park & St Mary's Cathedral

ANZAC Memorial in Hyde Park

Pyrmont & the ANZAC Bridge, looking south-west

View to the Opera House, looking north

Intentionally blank

See next box

But it really is all about the stunning Sydney Harbour;


[counterclockwise] the Botanic Gardens, Woolloomooloo, Double Bay, Rose Bay, Vaucluse, South Head, North Head, Bradleys Head

Intentionally blank

Sydney Wildlife Centre - this is the centre for all the creepy, crawly stuff in Sydney - well, the wildlife, as opposed to some of the people you meet ... located at Darling Harbour, right in the city

Ants nest & larvae


Real snakes behind glass

This had better be a model snake ...

... or we've lost two sons

Frill-necked lizard - an Aussie icon

last seen in Jurassic Park

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it

and this is how they hold on to the branches all day

a Cassowary

They have a nice butterfly section

with pretty tame butterflies

Sydney skyline from Darling Harbour

the harbour part of Darling Harbour [that straight line is Pyrmont bridge]

Close up of the detail outlining the historical significance of the bridge

Sydney Aquarium -- this is again in Darling Harbour, in fact it is next to the Wildlife Centre.  It was really tough to take photos because the lighting was so poor -- for a major tourist attraction it really should be better presented.  So apologies for the poor quality images.

The first thing when you walk in is the platypus - we love the platypus!

They have educational type stuff

A Murray cod

Info about the Murray cod

Then there is a crocodile

 ... same ...

with more educational & friendly Australian signs

but they are nice enough to tell you which one is eating you if you fall


Rex's arty puffer fish photo

a moray eel

and a seal

a colorful ray

they have one of those walk through arches to see the big fish & sharks

the deadly stone fish, named because it looks like a stone

close up with a shark

we were so close we were shaken

up close & personal again

We visited Powerhouse Museum, Sydney's museum dedicated to mechanical, electrical and design things

A USSR space capsule

A single thruster exhaust from the space shuttle

Horses, aeroplanes, space stuff -- they seem slightly confused ...

How many planes can they fit in there?

Neil shows Rex how to ride a penny farthing

Usa dreams of sailing the seas

In October Usa and the boys spent a few days in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney

At the entrance of the 'scenic railway'

The world's steepest railway

The Three Sisters are the rocky outcrops, not the people

Usa & the Three Sisters

A great view

A scenic railway AND a cable car

Some lush forest ...

... & a forest walk; notice how Roger is now almost the same height as Usa

Early settlers mined coal

A waterfall seen from the cable car

They're called the Blue Mountains because when viewed from a distance they look blue

Usa, Roger & Rex

Jenolan Caves are a short drive from the Blue Mountains; short in distance, but long it time owing to the nature of the twisty road; Jenolan Caves are one of the best examples of limestone caves in the world

Typical Australian scenery


It's not England, but this is greener than usual for rural NSW

Discovered & explored between 1841 - 1904

Inside a cave

Anyone wanna climb a ladder?

Inside the caves

Rex in front of the view

Looks like a religious figure

I guess if you get stuck inside the result isn't too good

The Broken Column

Abundant limestone ...

... lots of it

Interesting cave roof

Abundant limestone

Stalactites from the ceiling & Stalagmites from the ground

And finally a feature lit stalagmite

Rex seemed to enjoy it