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Port Moresby




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Chennai - before Hong Kong on the trip, but I like the photos from here more than the ones from HK

My favorite photo from the trip

a temple in Chennai

Woman making garlands

You have to have a sense of humor, right?

It's hard to see, but the beach has 200-300 meters of sand before the water

The beach was an excuse to eat; there were stalls everywhere

The view from my hotel room

Amazing; they seem to be individual tiles; and this is new construction

Chennai traffic - bajai

Is this the ultimate put down?  "I can't give hand signals because I have air con. Do you?"

Thankfully, not my hotel

Typical road scene in Chennai.
Shops, people, motorbikes, cars, trucks (& bajai)

The iconic Indian Ambassador as a taxi

Intentionally blank

Intentionally blank

Hong Kong in September (before Chennai)

A lot of people like IFC Tower (ICC Tower in the background)

IFC Tower from the harbor

Skyline from the harbor featuring Bank of China

These are the best places to eat in HK & Asia

Shopping but not in the malls

Every HK album has to show the trolley cards

Anyone want an apt HK side?

Maybe Kowloon side?

A busy working harbor

A trip to Sydney in June

Sydney at night; Luna Park in the foreground

Intentionally blank

Intentionally blank