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From Mum's funeral in September

Mum's coffin adorned with photos from her life

Toby, Roger & Dad

Roger, Dad, Neil, Di, Barbara, Net, Jeff & Bob


Roger's birthday in Sydney

Bob, Toby, Dad, Roger & Neil in Adelaide

Roger at Mum's funeral


Marriott Sunday brunch - a great spread of food

Marriott BKK - Roger & Rex loved the chocolate fountain when they were young

Victoria Peak, HK (the sun was bright)

Roger & Rex during the year

January - enjoying the water during their visit to
Port Moresby

July - in Bangkok

Intentionally blank


In a taxi going to a dinner cruise

Relaxing after the dinner cruise

Kung in the first week I met her

Other photos

A couple of high rise buildings

ICC (left) & IFC (right) Towers in HK

Best view for a coffee in Asia?
Coffee shop on Victoria Peak, HK

Bangkok taxi meter; 1 hr 17 mins not moving in the 7.6 km journey; good thing it didn't rain or the trip would have taken longer

Rainbow in Port Moresby

Intentionally blank
Port Moresby Sunsets

Mar - Sunset in Port Moresby rarely disappoints

Nov - Looking towards the Yacht Club

Dec - Looking out to the harbor

Dec - photo #2

Dec - photo #3

Dec - photo #4