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Neil lost weight in 2014 - Before

This photo is from May 2013; and no, I didn't consume all of the chocolate fountain in the background !

with Rex in February 2014

with Rex again (same day)


with Rex in July 2014; photo taken using Neil's phone

Same time, same place; different phone, different lighting; no Photoshop; the light & camera make that much difference

Shopping in Port Moresby is expensive & the selection is poor; I'm excited to be in a real supermarket in Australia; and I somehow found my way to the confectionery aisle

in the office in Port Moresby (in August)


I eat lunch in this restaurant every week (photo taken in August)

Again in August

Kung; I'm not skilled enough to use Photoshop, I use a simpler MS tool. I'm not very good but I tried to paste a cutout of Kung & her dog Buster onto some backgrounds.  These are the best of them

a flower background then made into a charcoal drawing style

with Wat Arun in the background

The original photo with the background changed to look like rippled glass

Roger shaved his hair for charity; and one photo of Rex with braces removed

Roger takes a stand for charity

Roger's grew his hair for 5 years

The actual shaving event

immediately afterwards

after his hair has grown in (July)

Rex had his braces removed in October

Independence Day in PNG    

Everyone dresses in traditional attire on Independence Day; parents dress their children similarly. These good looking fellows were in the local supermarket with their mother


Supermarket staff are also in traditional dress

Picture from 2012 but it gives the idea of traditional dress

Other images from PNG

With poor selection & pricing in PNG this NZ chocolate is the best available here; a good product at a "reasonable" price

This 250g block here costs about double the price in NZ; that's reasonable in PNG but expensive compared to almost anywhere else

This is an Australian issue; the manufacturer says the roll on the right has the same specs (size & weight) as the one on the left -- what do you think?

This is the view from the rear of my apt; lots of new apts are being built  -- and they cost a fortune to rent

A medical ship from China arrived in September; free medical care to anyone; it was packed every day it was here (which was around 1 week)

Intentionally blank