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I went to Phnom Penh in December 2014

The river is a main feature of the city

with a wonderful boulevard to walk along

A new 5 star hotel on the other side of the river

Monuments abound; Cambodia Vietnam monument

Norodom Sihanouk Statue

Independence Monument

Close up

Close up

Closer up

Nice ...

... public ...

... parks

The Royal Palace was good

this photo was a fluke

the symmetry of the flagpole spoils the photo

Central Market had great prices ...

... with a a wide variety of goods

How often do you see a stall selling wigs?

Wonderfully prepared fruit ...

... and no shortage of stock ...

... but it can be tiring for the stall owners

Gold shops opposite central market

Streets were busy but not chaotic

A typical tuk tuk in Phnom Penh

These signs are everywhere ...

... but this one offered poor advice

You couldn't complain about prices

I'm not sure the universities ...

... looked the best

This was an unusual shop near my hotel

Apparently I already have a business there

Indicative prices; soda $1; crepe $2; cap $3

French influenced architecture

Countryside outside of Phnom Penh


The only downside of the visit

Roger (photos from Canada / US)

Montreal is cold

With our family friend Daniel (see the stories from 2005)

Visiting Ben & Jerry's in Vermont

Rex's trip to Cookeville TN

Leaving from Bangkok airport

Flying into Nashville TN

Day 1 at Tenn Tech

Obligatory selfie in the college dorm

Cookeville train station

Gotta love the strip malls in the US

Food on the trip was enjoyable

Blacked catfish at Crawdaddys

Steak at Char

Hamburger at Char

Ice cream parlor in Cookeville

Ribs in Nashville; I should have had more

Pizza at World Deli; I shouldn't have had a bite before I took the photo


Amazing value -- 1 gallon (3.78 liters) for $1.88

This guy had a "service dog" but it looked kinda mean to me

Intentionally blank

Some family photos

Rex's graduation in Bangkok (May)

Bella remembered me (last time was in 2012)

The last time she'll see Rex for quite a while

Rex in Bangkok (August)

Neil with his Dad in Adelaide (August)

Neil 58 years later

Neil with Barbara in Adelaide (August)

With Dad & Rosemary in Adelaide (August)

Neil 58 years later (another version)

On the trip back from Tennessee to Bangkok I went via Doha; with an 8 hour layover I went on a free city tour; it was at night so the photos aren't great

Spiral mosque in Doha

Night market in Doha

These buildings & boats were behind a high class shopping centre

Other food photos during the year    

Steamed fish in Bangkok

Mango & sticky rice in Bangkok

Billy Kwong in Sydney is famous but I didn't like it; this beancurd dish was the best of a poor meal

Lek & Rut is famous in Bangkok; hard to get to as it's in Chinatown it's but worth the effort

Customers enjoying the food

This is the competition on the opposite street corner; I'm told they're good, too

Excellent food at Tim Ho Wan in Chatswood (Sydney)

Chee cheong fun at the same place -- also excellent

Noodle soup from a shop in Sydney; it didn't taste as good as it looks

Grand Ole Opry in Nashville TN    

All singers had approx 15 min sets

With many performers on the night

These guys were quite good