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These photos are from the mid to later part of 2003 in Bangkok.

Roger has been quite busy making drawings ...

Click on an image to see a larger picture

Roger & Rex have started to enjoy a web site where there are apparently a lot of mutant pets

Mutant Slorg

Mutants Fir, Wadjet, Cobrall & Numarg

Intentionally blank

Comments on life

This needs to be seen in detail ... Roger's comment on life is excellent!

Usa says that only Neil would be dumb enough to endanger his life for the sake of a job


Neil was a suspected SARS case in July



Roger tried to cut his hair, but it was uneven; we took him to a barber who had to cut it very short; and then we needed a photo for a passport ...


It looks a bit like Neil when he had his hair cut short in 1998

Phuket Holiday - in late July we went on a holiday to the Thai island of Phuket; we originally planned this for April (at Songkran), but we had to delay because of the SARS outbreak.  For other vacation photos, see our Disney Cruise & California theme park pages

The view from the lobby of our hotel (the Marriott)

Roger Rex & Papa at the hotel's beach (which was flagged as "too dangerous to swim")

Rex after coming down the slide

We spent the first day at our hotel pool, with a slide enjoyed by the boys; this is Rex

Roger on the slide (1)

Roger on the slide (2)

Day 2 - Going Around Phuket; at the zoo & at Dino-Park

Crocodile show at the zoo (1); showing the audience that the crocodiles are real & can snap their jaws

Crocodile show (2); putting a 100 Baht bill (circled) into the jaws of a crocodile

Crocodile show (3); putting a 100 Baht bill (circled) into the jaws of a crocodile

Crocodile show (4); the 100 Baht bill (circled) is left in the jaws of the crocodile

Rex & Papa after the crocodile show

Roger shows us how it's done

Now it's Rex's turn ...

This is the entrance to the zoo's aquarium

Rex with T-Rex

Roger with T-Rex

Roger & Rex with a baby elephant after the elephant show

Roger wanted a photo with this snake & Rex decided to join; this is the zoo's Polaroid photo

This is our photo; Rex was terrified, but you'd never know by looking at the photo

Rex moved away & Roger had a photo with the snake by himself.

Then the snake slipped a bit & Roger said "hey, this snake it trying to constrict me!"

Dino-Park has a Flintstones car

Roger with a dinosaur fossil (?)

Rex takes a chance of being eaten

Day 4 - Speedboat tour to Phi Phi islands - where parts of the recent movie "The Beach" were filmed

Roger Rex & Mama on the boat

Our speedboat (Timmie) at our lunch spot

The purpose of the day was snorkeling, swimming & sightseeing

One of our early scenic views; limestone rocks jut out of the sea

Amazingly clear water at the entrance to "Viking's Cave"

This cove had sand as smooth as the bottom of a pool

Same cove; we went swimming here

A deeper part of the same cove

This is Maya Bay, where scenes from "The Beach" were set

More limestone islands

Back at the lunch place

An afternoon storm

Last Day - Going back to Bangkok

Rex & Mama in the hotel lobby when checking out; note Rex's suntan

Phuket from the air as we left

Intentionally blank

Neil's changing hair style

This is what Neil looked like before & during Phuket

But when he came back he decided to ...

... shave it off