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These photos are from our Disney cruise that celebrated new year from December 30, 2000 to January 06, 2001.  All of these photos were scanned (so you can see we're making good use of that new scanner!).  This was an unusual holiday.  It promised to be a great time.  Disney offer child care services as a part of the cruise from 8am to midnight every day.  We figured Roger & Rex would be in their age groups and have a good time, resulting in lots of free time for Neil & Usa to have a holiday.  Wrong!  Rex went to his age group's activities once & refused to go back.  We never did find out why he refused to join in after the first day.  Roger joined his group & had a good time.  The result was that Rex spent every moment of every day with Neil & Usa, meaning that we could not join any of the activities targeted for adults.  We had nothing like the nice, relaxing time that we imagined.  We figured that the holiday was pretty much a bust for everyone except Roger; certainly Rex seemed to complain about every thing, every moment of every day.  At the end of the cruise when we boarded the bus to go back to the airport we were no more than 5 minutes into the bus ride when Rex looked back at the ship and said "That was fun. Let's do it again next year"!

Neil & Usa let out a muffled scream.

Click on an image to see a larger picture

Arriving at the port to board the ship you have to go through a registration process; but they try to make it as pleasant as possible and we see the first Disney characters

Welcome aboard

Goofy tells Roger he'll have fun

Everyone received a key card for the room & other ship activities

And then finally -- we're sailing!

On board we receive a greeting card from Disney Cruise Lines in our cabin

Personally signed by our cabin host for the cruise; we don't have a photo of Sunny, but she did something every day that made us smile

If you don't want to leave the stateroom for breakfast, here's the in room menu -- all included in the price except for ... cocktails!?

Wondering what you'd do on a Disney Cruise? Click on the image for a day by day summary

Intentionally blank

One thing the boys enjoyed was their menu, which doubled as a picture to color on one side & a menu (with puzzles) on the other.  Here is a selection of the drawings made by Roger & Rex.  You can generally tell Roger's efforts by the "intense coloring" featured on some of these.  The finishing is Usa's product

Saturday drawing

Saturday menu; Roger (Grade 1) writes "Mom & Dad next we go to Texas then Japan" 

Sunday drawing

Monday drawing

Monday menu

Tuesday drawing - mainly by Usa

Tuesday drawing - mainly by Roger

Friday drawing - started by Roger finished by Usa

Click to see the enlargement; what Roger wrote is in CAPITALS below ...

On my cruise to PLACE, I forgot to pack my THING, so when we got to the port, FRIEND took me to PLACE to buy a new THING.  

While we were there, we saw FAMSU*, I got so ADJECTIVE and started to VERB.  Everyone thought I was ADJECTIVE!

* We have no idea what FAMSU means!

When we got back to the ship, I yelled FUNNY SAYING so everyone could hear because I was so ADJECTIVE I EXPRESSION my cruise!

New Year's Eve 2000 

New Year's Eve Dinner Invitation (we received one each)

Special celebration dinner menu

The family ready for dinner

Roger ordered the fish ...

... so did Rex

Papa, Roger & Rex

Mama & Papa

Almost midnight

Roger's new year eve party invitation

... and one for Rex (he didn't go)

Oceaneers Club letter

Inside has more information

Here are some postcards from the trip ...

Disney Cruise postcard

mailed from Disney's island in the Bahamas

Intentionally blank

St. Thomas, VI

Goofy takes a dip

Intentionally blank

There are lots of photos taken on the ship; they cost quite a lot; ship photos were the biggest single expense we had on  the holiday

With Disney Magic as a backdrop

Roger & Rex with Magic backdrop

Starting the day at Disney's Castaway Cay

Mama & Papa

In front of Mickey the Helmsman

Rex at Castaway Cay

Roger & Rex I

Roger & Rex II

Intentionally blank

One thing you can be sure of is that Disney will have their characters available for photos ... all taken by ship photographers

Mama Roger & Rex with Mickey Mouse

Roger & Rex with Donald Duck

Roger with Donald Duck

Character breakfast with Goofy

Roger & Rex with Goofy

Roger with Chip & Dale

Roger & Aladdin

Roger & Rex with Minnie Mouse at Castaway Cay

Roger & Rex with Goofy at Castaway Cay

Ticket for the character breakfast

Intentionally blank

Intentionally blank

We even managed to take some of our own photos ...

Rex & Papa on deck

Roger & Rex are about as big as a porthole

Roger & Rex in a happy moment

Mama Roger & Rex standing at the Xmas tree

A different stage show every night - this was the finale

and here are some final things of the holiday ...

everyone received a dining schedule

a luggage tag

a drink coaster

a movie schedule

we arrive back after a week away

See below


and everyone ended up with better memories of the week than the actual experience