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In our 2003 letter we mentioned that Roger & Rex are enamored by Star Wars.  Rex gave us a wonderful surprise gift at Christmas - a Star Wars book he authored and illustrated.  He made up the story, typed it with help from his teachers for spelling, and did all the illustrations himself.  This was a major effort - he told us it took about 10 days.  A web version of the book doesn't do it justice as the original has fabric in several of the illustrations (which cannot be readily seen on the Internet) and Page 6 is particularly clever, featuring characters on a spring made of paper - this just appears as a shadow on the web page from the depth of the paper spring & the shadow it causes on the scanner.  Also, the book itself was too big to fit into the scanner window (an A4 or letter size sheet) - the original bound book is about 13" x 10".  However, in the interests of sharing here is Rex's Star Wars adventure.

Follow the link below for 11 pages of a Star Wars storybook developed by Rex at school while he was 6 years old.


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