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Disney's California Adventure theme park is marketed as much to children as to adults.  However, it's better suited to the grown ups.  It celebrates all things Californian, and while there are some activities aimed squarely at the younger ones, there are also exhibits of Californian cuisine, Californian wines and the winery process.  

There was one thing that we all enjoyed (unfortunately no photos were allowed) and that was an "aerial ride" over California.  It had spectacular Californian scenery projected onto an IMAX screen which was in front, above and below you; the audience had the effect they were really airborne.  The "ride" was perhaps 10 minutes long and to achieve the hang glider effect the audience was limited to about 60 per showing.

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Two Rs in a Big A

With Cruela de Vil

Roger & Aviator Minnie

With Goofy

With Goofy's son, Max

With Donald Duck

With Mickey (again)

Roger at entrance to Paradise Pier

Intentionally blank