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Just as Roger had his day in Legoland, Rex was just as keen to have his special day at Seaworld.  

Rex loves creatures of the ocean.  His favorites are dolphins, whales and all kinds of fish.

Seaworld is in San Diego, about 90 minutes drive south of Los Angeles.  The park is dominated by Shamu, the killer whale.  There are several Shamus, the park said that it was like a family name.  And talking about family, one Shamu became a mother just 2 days before we arrived.  This is one of the rare cases of a killer whale being conceived and born in captivity.  We think they said it's the 2nd time it's happened at Seaworld.

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Watch out guys, those are real Jaws!

Shamu Show 1

Shamu Show 2

Dine with Shamu

Shamu Private Show

Mom & newborn calf

Fools with Tools show

"Tiny" from Fools with Tools

Sea Turtle basking in the sun