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Our fifth and last day in California was spent at Universal Studios.  Maybe seeing 4 parks in 4 days was enough.  Maybe we were tired from the parks and the driving.  Or maybe Universal Studios just wasn't as good as the others.  Whatever the reason(s) we just didn't enjoy this place as much as the others.  We had bad luck, too.  Late in the day we lined up for the ET ride; after 30 minutes we were about 16 people from the head of the line and there was a mechanical failure.  Another 20 minutes wait and they announced that they wouldn't re-open the ride on that day because the park was closing.  We left ET hoping to get on one last ride, but all the other rides were shutting down because it was near closing time.

What we discovered was that when Universal Studios says it closes at (say) 8pm, they mean they close the gates at 8pm.  When Disneyland says they close at (say) 8pm, they mean that the rides operate until then and people have 30 - 45 minutes to leave the park after that.

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at the entrance

The Mummy Returns

Hollywood backdrop

Brontosaurus burgers

watch out for those hands

Roger with Shrek

I said Rex, not T. Rex

oohhh, so this is punishment

with Sponge Bob Square Pants

Roger's favorite activity had a rocket ...

...  & buckets that pour water to make you all wet!

The real Hollywood hills; no fakes!